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SEBFeed Xylanase

Xylanase enzyme which degrades xylan into oligosaccharides, providing superior breakdown of cell wall structures, leading to release of entrapped nutrients and increasing the utilization efficiency of feedstuff.

Adphos 10GPhytase Enzyme

Phytase enzyme which allows poultry to better utilize the phosphorus in feed grains. Adphos 10G aids in the release of phosphorus and important minerals from an indigestible complex to a more digestible form. This increases available phosphorus to the animal, reducing the need for supplemental phosphorus. Phytase feed supplementation also significantly reduces phosphate pollution into the environment.

SEBFeed CPEnzyme Blend for Corn/Soy Diets

Enzyme blend containing Protease, Xylanase, and Amylase, designed to supplement diets based primarily on Corn and Soy for maximum digestion and feed efficiency.

ImmunoSEB Poultry

Is a proprietary blend of natural plant-based, fungal, and bacterial proteolytic enzymes and herbs designed to support a healthy immune system.

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We look forward to seeing everyone at the SupplySide West Show at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV from October 6-7.  Come see the Specialty Enzymes team at Booth #R123!

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